Course of Study

Ben Chavez

"In the whole field of legerdemain, the highest accomplishment of the conjurer is displayed in the art of "PRESTIDIGITATION" - the development of manual dexterity to a degree of which the eye cannot follow the movement of the fingers when the performer does his 'sleights.'

Prestidigitation is an art that can be acquired by any earnest student. It is based upon abilities possessed by almost everybody. Prestidigitation is the one branch which demonstrates skill and talent. All other magic is subservient to this art. With it, you are a MAGICIAN - - without it, you are a trickster.

Many have learned this art. YOU can learn it, too!"

- Ben Chavez          

The art of prestidigitation has survived through the centuries. Magicians have always been proud of the art and have kept its secrets well. The methods now in existence are the product of years of work and experimentation by performers in the past. The present popularity of magic calls for caution on the part of magicians, both professional and non-professional . In the interest of continuing the rich heritage and exclusivity of this great art, a pledge of secrecy is required. The "Pledge to the Magical Profession" is traditionally signed by all Chavez students.

Though we promote all types of magic, we specialize in Sleight-of-hand. This is the beautiful kind of magic; the most respected form of art. Manipulation requires the dextrous use of the fingers and hands. Other types of magic require the aid of mechanical devices and gimmicks. Sleight-of-hand, however, seemingly accomplishes amazing feats by use of only the bare hands. Being a magician means more that owning magic equipment, it involves a mastery of skills.

People everywhere want entertainment. Magic is universally appealing; it is enjoyed by everyone, young and old. Wherever there are groups of people who gather socially, there is the market for the skilled magician. Graduates of this school have booked professional tours on this continent and abroad. Engagements include performing in theatres, night clubs, trade shows, cruise ships, resort areas, conventions, and television.

You will become well acquainted with the many facets of performing magic. Principles of manipulation, showmanship, and stagecraft with the first class session and continue throughout the course. All material is reviewed in subsequent classes and new material is added.

Sleight-of-hand methods with cards, balls, coins, thimbles, and similar objects are emphasized. Special exercises will develop correct hand coordination and flexibility. As you advance, you will perform multiple productions and intricate techniques. You will learn routining, effective rehearsal, and how to work with magical apparatus. Our training encourages students to develop original effects and tailor them to their own personalities.

You will learn showmanship, all the elements essential for a successful performance: misdirection, timing, stage deportment, entrances, exits, and bows. This is taught as part of the magical routines; in short, you will learn by doing. Presentation and how to cultivate audience reaction are stressed. Microphone technique and instructing assistants are also covered. Attention is paid to the subtlest of details as you learn to take command of the stage.

You will learn all the aspects of stagecraft: cues for lights and music, wardrobe, make-up, and theatrical terminology. You will become familiar with the "business" in show-business: agents, contracts and agreements, booking, and promotional materials. You will develop a professional act by conscientiously studying these fundamentals and polishing your individual style.

If you are looking for a thrilling career with a future, and are interested in a will paid profession offering independence - magic can give you these things and more. As a professional entertainer, you can work for yourself. All you need is the proper training, determination, and genuine desire to become a good magician.

You will discover that throughout the world these is a feeling of fellowship among those who perform magic. Travel will often be a part of your job, and you will paid well to do it! Professional magic, however, offers more than financial gain. You will have the rewarding experience of bringing entertainment to people of all nationalities. Your life will be fuller and richer because you are doing creative work in a pleasant atmosphere.

Many who do not wish to leave their regular occupation gain satisfaction while earning a fine income doing shows in their free evenings and weekends.

People in all walks of life have bettered themselves through the prestige and self-confidence derived from their knowledge of magic. It has been invaluable to those whose work is dealing with people.

Whether you are interested in magic as a professional or a profitable side line, you will look forward to the time you spend learning at the Chavez Studio of Magic.

If you seek a pastime or hobby, you will find unlimited opportunity for self expression in Sleight-of-hand. You can gain self-confidence and poise, become more popular, and increase you career opportunities through the assurance you achieve once you have learned the principles set forth in this course.

Men and women in all walks of life and all ages can enjoy and profit by this training. The skilled entertainer gains respect and admiration in his community.

Business and professional people - successful in their own lines - still sometimes feel that some of the worthwhile pleasures in life are passing them by. By learning magic as a means of entertaining their friends, they are able to fulfill an ambition to do creative work. Others have learned magic as a hobby which later developed into a paying business.

Magic knows no barriers of age, race, sex, creed, or education. Physical attributes are of little consequence to the person who has a genuine desire to become a sleight-of-hand artist. The magician may be short or tall, slender or heavy, but qualities that all possess in common are a "zest for life" and an inquiring mind.

Each year thousands of people are attracted to show business and make a start toward earning a livelihood as entertainers. Out of these thousands, only a very small percentage find a place in the entertainment industry. Many have exceptional talent, but never achieve success because they do not know how to develop their abilities. Success rarely happens by chance; it must be planned.

We offer you a plan. The Chavez College of Magic has been training magicians for seventy years. Our materials have been prepared by magicians with years of teaching and performing experience. Chavez training is comprehensive, practical, and authoritative. The opportunity is yours - this wealth of knowledge is available to you. We invite you to join us. We are confident you will find the program to be the most interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding study you have ever undertaken.